PeerSquared Programs

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Are you struggling to keep up with the course material in your robotic classes?

Wish you could ask other students for a bit of help? PeerSquared works with local high schools to make sure all students have a friend within reach when they need some extra academic help. Never worry again about awkwardly raising your hand or staying after class to talk with a teacher that just doesn’t get it. Trained tutors from your school are here to help you study, work on homework, and be successful!

See if peer tutoring is offered at your school:

Don't see your school? Send us a message, we always are looking to expand!

90% of students report their peer tutoring session was very helpful.


Students become Tutors

Focusing on, but not only about knowledge acquisition, but our trained tutors also encourage students to become more engaged participants in their school community


An Activated Network

Bringing together the school and community to support student learning

Trained Tutors

Compassionate & Patient

Preparing compassionate and patient tutors to facilitate inquiry-based learning, keeping their students' best interest in mind

Learning Insights

Data You Can Act On

Gathering and visualizing meaningful analytics for different stakeholders (tutors, school faculty, and parents)

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It’s people like you who make our communities stronger!

We’re working hard to bring free peer tutoring to more schools and communities, but we need your help. Send a message to your school and let them know you want peer tutoring!

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Learn more about what PeerSquared can do for you!

Our mission is to make Peer Tutoring accessible, affordable, and fun! We will reach out to you personally and walk you through the PeerSquared Model and Platform from A to Z.

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Your students are one step closer to academic success.

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